I’m writing this for two reasons. Number one, I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Number two, I’m procrastinating from my Spanish homework. It’s pretty amazing how productive I can be when I’m procrastinating. This year has been a little tough to get back into the swing-of-things school wise. I’d like to blame it on the fact that we started school in the beginning of October, but the more likely reason is that I’m starting on my last year of school. EVER. I don’t even know what that means. I’ve been going to school since I was 5 years old. That means I’ve been going to school for almost 17 years. All I know is school, summer, repeat. It’s an equally exciting and scary thought. It hasn’t hit me yet and it probably won’t until about a week after I walk at graduation.

But enough about school. School is boring. You know what’s fun? World records and slam dunk competitions! Part of my job at school as a videographer means it is mandatory to attend all the big school events. To be honest, in past years my school spirit has been lacking. But being “forced” to go to all these events has really opened my eyes to how awesome of a school UC Irvine really is. We’ve set a world record 4 years in a row. I’ve got to capture the past two years (World’s Largest Water Blaster Fight and World’s Largest Pillow Fight) and it was pretty spectacular. The amount of organization that comes with staging a pillow fight with over 4200 participants is pretty impressive. Way to go, UCI.

This year I also got to go to Shocktoberfest, UCI’s annual Fall concert that also serves as the introduction to the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. After a three-point competition and slam-dunk competition (won by 7’6″ Mamadou Ndiaye), there was an EDM concert. Normally, EDM is not really my thing. I’d rather see an actual artist rather than a glorified button pusher, but if I’m being honest with myself, the concert was pretty amazing. People were pumped, and filming the concert was a blast. I got to go closer to the stage than anyone thanks to my camera and despite my temporary hearing loss, getting shots of 4000 people jumping and dancing was a pretty cool sight to behold.

In other news, I filmed my second solo wedding, which I’m currently editing. The wedding was in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day. Great weather, a beautiful sunset, and some awesome dancing made my job easy. Working on the video has been a blast so far.

That’s about it for now though, I guess it’d be good to actually do my homework, but I’ll probably just go on Reddit or check up on my fantasy football team for another couple hours. Yo tengo un gran problema. Necesito ayuda.